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Ear Savers

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Benefits of Ear Savers

For everyone

The main feature of the Ear Savers that can be used with any mask with ear loops is that it eliminates the need of uncomfortable strings around the ears, which cause friction with the skin through extensive use. These ear protectors will alleviate the pressure that elastic loops put on your ears by allowing you to loop the mask behind your head. 

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For people with hearing aids

If you aren’t a hearing aid wearer or don’t wear behind the ear hearing aids, you might be wondering what all the fuss is about. Simply put, the elastics used on most masks go directly behind the ear, where your hearing aid also rests. Each time you put on, adjust, or take off your mask, you risk flinging your hearing aid off and potentially losing it or at least causing the discomfort of disrupting its position. Ear Savers will make it so those elastics won’t interfere with your hearing aid. 

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For people who wear glasses

It can be frustrating for people who wear glasses to constantly wear a mask. When you are putting on & taking off your mask the elastics will pull on your glasses, it sometimes gets stuck. Wearing an Ear Saver will make it so that the elastics aren't near your ear, you will be able to put on or take off your glasses with no troubles.  

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How Ear Savers started

My husband and I have both been in health care for years. Therefore, when masks started becoming mandatory due to COVID 19, we were one of the first groups of people required to wear masks while working. Wearing a mask for prolonged periods caused the back of his ears to become very sore and caused some breakdown on an old scar of his. I started researching what I could do to help him and I found plastic face mask extenders. I found that those were very hard on the back of your head and not very comfortable so I decided to crochet some! Since that’s my thing! After the first day of my husband wearing them he said that he instantly felt relief! He didn’t even notice that he was wearing an ear saver, let alone wearing a mask. They quickly became popular and I started selling them all over Facebook, a couple local businesses started carrying them in their store as well. During these times it is so important to support our local businesses, therefore, I have gotten as much supply as I can from locally owned stores here in Nanaimo, B.C. My mission is to save two ears at a time. Each ear saver is handmade with lots of love.


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