Ear Savers

The perfect thing to save your ears from masks!

I started making these because my husband and I are both in Health Care and his ears were becoming very bothered by wearing a mask all the time. I had seen the plastic ear savers but they're just so hard on the back of your head I figured I would crochet some, since that is my thing! The benefits of 100% cotton ear savers is there is minimal stretch, they are washable and they are not hard on the back of your head. These are going to protect your ears from the pressure of constant mask wearing. My husband tried it out for 2 days and said he didn't even notice it! During these times it is so nice to support local businesses, so I have gotten as much supply as I can from locally owned stores, including the cotton and the paper holders. 

They are $4 each or 3 for $10. I have various colors from orange, blue, pink, purple, red, yellow.. I can also do custom colors depending on if I can get the cotton. If you'd like to order please go to my Facebook page below and send me a message!


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