Our Mission

Our Mission

Simply put, Gots You Covered is on a mission to save two ears at a time! 


While wearing face masks has become imperative for containing the spread of this virus, wearing it for prolonged periods may result in pain and scars on the skin, especially behind the ears. Mandates to wear face masks during the COVID-19 outbreak have led many people to discover something health workers have known for decades: the elastic hurts your ears. Not immediately, but after a few hours, those pleasantly snug elastic bands start to pull and rub in ways that become intolerable. These elastics on the face masks cause constant compression on the skin and, consequently, on the cartilage of the auricle, leading to redness and painful lesions of the retroauricular skin when the masks are used for many hours a day. 


The main feature of the Ear Savers that can be used with any mask with ear loops is that it eliminates the need of uncomfortable strings around the ears, which cause friction with the skin through extensive use. These ear protectors will alleviate the pressure that elastic loops put on your ears by allowing you to loop the mask behind your head. 


Being in health care we are fully aware of the damage that continuous mask wearing causes. Gots You Covered wants to provide an option to the people affected. These reusable, easy to use, and cost effective Ear Savers will help relieve you of that pain immediately. Wearing a mask is required no matter where you go these days. Many people who aren’t used to wearing masks are now having to wear a mask at work for hours on end. This can become very uncomfortable and painful with the constant pressure of the elastics behind your ears. Therefore, we are also on a mission to encourage businesses and employers to provide Ear Savers as an option for their employees (we can even provide company colours!) 


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